Micronaut Lift-off! 


New to Micronaut? No worry. In this intensive, all-day workshop, Micronaut team member, Zachary Klein, will get you up to speed with the framework and its ecosystem.

In this workshop, you will learn how to install the Micronaut CLI, create applications and tests, leverage load-balancing, service-discovery, distributed tracing, and containerized microservices with Docker and Kubernetes. You'll benefit from hands-on exercises and complete example projects for you to experiment on your own. Following the training, you'll prepared to dive right in to developing with Micronaut.

Class Requirements:

  • Your laptop, with an up-to-date OS and Java installation of 8 or above.

  • A working development environment with an IDE (IntelliJ Community Edition is recommended) and Docker installed.

  • To follow along with the Kubernetes exercises, you will also want to have Kubernetes and Minikube installed on your machine.


About your instructor:


Zachary Klein is a software engineer and OSS contributor at OCI, where he supports Grails and Micronaut development efforts as well as consulting and training. He has been practicing web development in the JVM ecosystem since 2010 and has worked in a wide variety of domains, including real estate, analytics, and e-commerce.  Zachary is based in St Louis, MO along with his wife Beth, and their three children.